Ottawa was ordered to stop discriminating against First Nations children.

This is what they did instead.

The federal government continues to fight Indigenous families seeking equal access to services in court

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has ruled that the government discriminates against First Nations children in its delivery of child welfare services on reserves. Since the ruling, the Tribunal has issued two compliance orders to compel Ottawa to act.

But instead of complying with the decision, Ottawa continues to fight Indigenous families seeking equal access to services in court. In one case, federal government spent $32,000 fighting a young Albertan in court instead of spending $8,000 on her dental treatments.

Here’s just some of what experts, political watchers, and New Democrats are they’re saying about this injustice:

"You have a group of children who the federal government consciously decides are getting less public services than every other group in the country. They are racially discriminating against them. We need a government who is not going to just talk, that will actually act … We are losing another generation of First Nations children to wayward federal policies and that has to stop.”
— Cindy Blackstock, First Nations Child Advocate
“A growing chorus of critics is casting doubt on whether the prime minister is truly willing to match his lofty words with transformative policies to protect indigenous peoples’ rights.”
— Toronto Star, Editorial
“It is disappointing to see that Canada has to be pushed to respect human rights and end discrimination against First Nations children. Canada must be more transparent and work with us a on a better system to reform the federal First Nation child welfare program that is supported by fair funding based on real needs.”
— Chief Perry Bellegarde, Assembly of First Nations
“What is clear is that Canada will never be the country it was meant to be as long as these patterns of denying support to the most vulnerable children remain part of the operating culture of government. The government needs to follow their promises with clear action.”
— Charlie Angus, NDP Indigenous Affairs Critic

Take action

New Democrats have introduced a plan in Parliament to end racial discrimination against First Nations children. Add your name to tell Ottawa to fight inequality—not Indigenous families: