OTTAWA – The NDP is calling on the Liberal government to act on the findings in the Environment Commissioner’s fall report concerning troubling gaps in the inspection of nuclear power plants by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC).

It is very troubling to learn that Canada’s nuclear safety regulator is improvising when it comes to nuclear plant inspections,” said NDP Leader Tom Mulcair. “The regulator is not even following their own regulations and has no documentation to reassure Canadians.”

The Commissioner could find no proof that the CNSC has determined how many inspections are needed to ensure that nuclear power plant operators are complying with their licensing and regulatory requirements. The CNSC could also not demonstrate that it takes risks into account when making decisions about which inspections it would and would not conduct.  

“These confirm many of the concerns raised this summer in a letter from whistleblowers at the nuclear watchdog – but when we wrote to the Minister about these concerns he passed the buck to the CNSC President who literally laughed them off,” added Mulcair. “The Commissioner today has made clear that deep problems at the nuclear regulator are no laughing matter.”

When it comes to nuclear safety, Canadians expect far better than this.