The session in review: NDP makes gains for Quebec



Val-d’Or, June 20, 2014 – New Democrat MP Romeo Saganash
(Abitibi–Baie-James–Nunavik–Eeyou) is proud of the NDP’s
accomplishments during the past session of Parliament. The party
managed to win major concessions from the government on important
issues like increasing rail safety and amending its bill on electoral

“The Conservatives often refuse to budge on their plans, but by
keeping up the pressure, we have reduced the negative impact of their
decisions on Quebec,” said Saganash. “I plan to continue the fight on
other issues like reducing the cost of living in Nunavik, taking real
action on the housing crisis that is devastating my entire riding, and
taking steps to stop the murder and disappearance of Aboriginal
women. Lastly, I will work with my NDP colleagues to get the
Conservatives to reverse their decision to end home mail delivery.
Locally, I am proud of our progress in tackling homelessness in Vald’Or
through a project that I introduced with Val-d’Or Mayor Pierre
Corbeil and Quebec MNA Guy Bourgeois. The coming months will be

In addition to forcing the Harper government to drop some of the more
damaging and anti-democratic provisions of its electoral reform act, the
NDP got a firm commitment that the government would remove
hazardous DOT-111 tanker cars from the railway system. The NDP
also won better protection for our cheese producers in the free trade
agreement with Europe.

“Under the leadership of Tom Mulcair, the NDP has been the strongest and most effective opposition to face the Conservative government since its election in 2006,” said Saganash. “That is how we have been able to make major gains for the people of Abitibi–Baie-James–Nunavik–Eeyou, and I am proud of these accomplishments.” 

Now that the House of Commons has recessed, Saganash looks forward to
spending more time travelling throughout the riding over the coming weeks.
“This summer, I plan to meet with people all across this beautiful region so that I will be better prepared than ever to represent their interests when Parliament returns,” he explained.


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