NDP motion calls for inclusion of infrastructure development and maintenance plan in upcoming budget

Val-d’Or - New Democrat MP Romeo Saganash supports an NDP motion calling on Conservatives to include a long term development and maintenance plan for infrastructure and public transit in the upcoming budget.

“In my riding, a great number of sewerage systems, water treatment plants or streets are the object of heartrending debates when it is time to present the budget for municipal Councils.  Municipalities need reliable and predictable financing” mentioned MP Romeo Saganash.

The motion tabled by New Democrat MP Olivia Chow will be debated in the House of Commons on Tuesday, February 26, as part of the NDP opposition day. It urges the Conservative government to work with the other levels of government to get results. It’s the federal government’s job to keep infrastructure in good condition by adequately funding work necessary to ensure its smooth functioning and safety.   

A study published by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities shows that 21% of municipal roads in Canada are in poor condition and that travel times in our big cities are among the worst of all G8 countries.