This year’s March 8 celebrations focus on rural and remote communities

Val-d’Or, March 8, 2012 – Today MP Romeo Saganash marked International Women’s Day, with this year’s theme being rural and remote communities.

“Although we have seen improvements to the status of women, the fact remains that even today there continue to be dark spots on the long road to women’s equality,” said Mr. Saganash. “The Conservative government is waffling on abortion, and although the Prime Minister has publicly said he does not want to reopen the debate, several of his backbenchers are doing just that. Despite all that, it is my hope that compassionate, progressive values will continue to win out over wilfully blind ideology.”

Romeo Saganash said there are persistent discrepancies in how much women and men are paid. “In Canada, women continue to earn only 73% as much as men. Of course, a lot of progress has been made in the past, but there is still work left to do,” he said.

The NPD, whose caucus includes the highest number of women in Parliament’s history, tabled a private member’s bill implementing the recommendations made by the Pay Equity Task Force.

Another NDP bill would allow all Canadian women to benefit from the preventive withdrawal provisions in force in their province. The NDP is committed to continuing its work to promote the rights of Canadian women.

The MP will address the women at “Les Elles du Nord” women’s centre in Chibougamau on March 8. The Centre is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Mr. Saganash will take that opportunity to celebrate the birthday of his mother, Mary Saganash, born on this day 83 years ago!