Reopening of Parliament in Ottawa: The NDP putting families first

September 15, 2014


VAL-D’OR – After recharging the batteries and criss-crossing the Abitibi-
Baie-James-Nunavik-Eeyou riding to meet with residents this summer,
Romeo Saganash is ready to return to Ottawa to defend his constituents
on a vast array of pressing issues in the area.

Several matters constantly arose during these meetings with citizens over
the summer and Saganash plans to hold the Harper government to
account. Canada Post, missing and murdered aboriginal women, the
skyrocketing price of food and basic goods in northern areas are just a
few examples of the issues that MP Saganash plans to address during
the fall Parliamentary session.

“These three issues, along with several others, continue to be raised, and
it is imperative that the government take action. The Conservatives were
elected to work for Canadians and support their people, not to stand idle
and neglect their own citizens. My NDP colleagues and I plan to continue
holding them to account and pressuring them to obtain results for
Canadians,” said Saganash.

Over the last several weeks, the NDP has committed to reinvesting the
$36 billion in federal health transfers that the Conservatives cut, reestablishing
the federal minimum wage that the Liberals scrapped in 1996
and opening an inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women.

“For too long, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have been trying to
convince Quebeckers to settle for less – to convince us that our children
will need to settle for less. But the NDP knows that we don’t have to go
that route. Therefore, we have begun unveiling practical and concrete
solutions to solve the swath of problems that Harper has left in his wake,”
added Saganash.

Saganash plans to continue his relentless work right through to next
year’s federal elections, with the goal of replacing Stephen Harper’s tired
government in 2015.

“This Parliamentary session will be an opportunity to deal with real issues
and improving the lives of all Canadians,” said Saganash. “With the
leadership and experience of Tom Mulcair, the NDP is the only progressive party that can force the Conservatives to account for its citizens, and for their constant mismanagement of the economy, along with essential programs and services.”


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