Press Release - Social housing



January 30, 2015




OTTAWA — Uncertainty over Quebec’s Accès Logis Program these last several days has highlighted the importance of social housing in Canada and the role of housing cooperatives in our society – an issue that has been abandoned by the federal government according to NDP MP Romeo Saganash.


“The lack of social housing is a daily problem for many people in my riding. From Kuujjuaq to Val-d’Or to Chibougamau, constituents have nothing but trouble finding an affordable and acceptable place to live. We cannot foolishly ignore this primary issue: in Canada there are more thant 1,5 million families that live in substandard housing. The situation is unacceptable”, stated Mr. Saganash.


NDP Housing critic Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet (Hochelaga) has questioned the Conservative government on this issue several times. The NDP also tabled a motion urging Ottawa to restore funding for long-term social housing agreements, to maintain monthly rent subsidies in place and to help finance building renovations.


“Canada is a G7 nation – one of the seven most prosperous countries in the world and we can’t even offer adequate housing for our families? This is unacceptable,” said Boutin-Sweet. “Will the government finally take action and support our motion by restoring its investments in social housing?”




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