Parliamentary Session Ends in Ottawa: MP Saganash Takes Stock

Val-d’Or  - The parliamentary session has just ended in Ottawa and New Democrat MP Romeo Saganash is back full-time in Abitibi—Baie-James—Nunavik—Eeyou, where he paints a positive picture of his work in the House of Commons.

In Ottawa, the parliamentary year ended in controversy with the Conservatives ramming through their mammoth Bill C-38. Saganash is proud to have stood up to the Conservatives alongside his opposition colleagues, especially during a marathon session of more than 22 hours of voting on amendments. “The arrogance of the Conservatives has reached new heights. They did not accept a single amendment to their legislation. But I think we at least managed to make constituents aware of the disturbing changes in C‑38,” said Saganash.

The mammoth Conservative bill abandons the Kyoto Protocol in Canada, abolishes several environmental laws, pushes retirement age from 65 to 67, and tightens up EI requirements, which penalizes seasonal workers. The bill substantially alters the Fisheries Act and greatly reduces government transparency by slashing the functions of the Auditor General.

The end of the parliamentary session also means that Saganash can spend more time in the constituency. “Although the work in Ottawa is exciting, I was eager to get back and be able to meet with people and discuss their concerns,” concluded Saganash.