MPs Romeo Saganash and Christine Moore introduced bills to protect our lakes and rivers 

VAL-D’OR – Because the Conservatives decided that the waterways in Abitibi-Témiscamingue and northern Quebec are no longer worth protecting, the NDP has launched a campaign to restore environmental protection for our lakes and rivers, including the Harricanaw River, Malartic Lake, Parent Lake, Simon Lake, Lake Kipawa, Lake Preissac, Lake Abitibi and several others. 

“The Conservatives have done away with the environmental legislation that had protected our rivers and lakes for over a century,” said Christine Moore (MP for Abitibi-Témiscamingue). “We cannot afford to see our region’s waterways abandoned just like that.” 

The Navigable Waters Protection Act was once seen as a model for environmental protection. From 1882 onward, any project likely to interfere with the right of Canadians to navigate on their country’s lakes and rivers had to comply with the Act. Since the Act was gutted by the Conservatives, now only 2% of the country’s waterways are protected.

“This is why today we have introduced bills to restore environmental protection for the major waterways in Abitibi-Témiscamingue and northern Quebec,” added Romeo Saganash (MP for Abitibi-Baie-James-Nunavik-Eeyou). “Our rivers and lakes are the jewels of our part of the country. Their natural beauty is worth saving.”

List of lakes and rivers protected by the NDP bills: 

Malartic Lake – Fournière Lake – Lac De Montigny – Sabourin Lake – Great Victoria Lake – Pascalis Lake – Simon Lake – Tiblemont Lake – Villebon Lake – Lake Guéguen – Parent Lake – Matchi-Manitou Lake – Lake Quévillon – Lake Faillon – Lake Mégiscane – Lake Mesplet – Nottaway River – Bell River – Taschereau River – Lake Kipawa – Great Victoria Lake – Lac des Quinze – Lake Simard – Decelles Reservoir- Lake Rémigny – Barriere Lake – Lake Opasatica – Lake Beauchastel – Lake Preissac – Lake Dufault – Lac La Motte – Lake Duparquet – Lake Abitibi –Macamic Lake – Lake Figuery – Obalski Lake – Routhier Lake – Vallet Lake – Lake Kinojévis – Lake Beauchêne – Lac à la Truite – Lake Vaudray – Lake Joannès – Berthemet Lake – Dasserat Lake – Desvaux Lake – Bousquet Lake – Loïs Lake – Lake Chicobi – Tee Lake – Harricanaw River – Kinojévis River – Kipawa River – Kanasuta River – Duparquet River – Solitaire River –Bousquet River