Tom Mulcair rattles Stephen Harper while the RCMP investigates the PMO

Val-d’Or — Throughout a parliamentary session dominated by Conservative and Liberal Senate scandals, Tom Mulcair’s New Democrat team shook up Stephen Harper’s government, which has begun showing real signs of weakness.

“The Conservatives are showing all the signs of a used and tired government,” said New Democrat MP Romeo Saganash. “New Democrats, on the other hand, are full of energy and ready to replace them in2015.”

The parliamentary session was dominated by revelations that Liberal and Conservative senators attempted to take hundreds of thousands of dollars from taxpayers. After trying to cover up the scandal, Stephen Harper’s chief of staff was forced to resign. “The RCMP is now investigating the Prime Minister’s Office. We’ve never seen anything like this.” said the MP.

New Democrats challenged the Conservatives with hard questions seeking to make them accountable to Canadians. At the same time, Mulcair’s team also moved forward with positive ideas of their own. “Jack Layton always said that it wasn’t enough to simply oppose—we must also propose, and all session long we’ve shown that this is our strength,” said Romeo Saganash.

In a victory for Quebecers and linguistic minorities acrossCanada, New Democrats secured unanimous support for their plan to ensure bilingualism is a required skill for senior officers of Parliament. New Democrats also campaigned to abolish the undemocratic Senate, which would save taxpayers almost $100 million annually.

Although the parliamentary session was dominated by serious national issues, Romeo Saganash also moved forward on the priorities of the d’Abitibi-Baie-James-Nunavik-Eeyou riding.

“The cases of Route 117 and the James Bay Road remain priorities for me. Furthermore, the issue of public housing in Nunavik must no longer be ignored by the Minister Valcourt, as it has been in the past. I will continue to defend this issue as long as it remains unresolved. Just because a population lives far away from an urban centre doesn’t mean that it must be shunned.”