OTTAWA — New Democrats announced today they are moving to hold the Liberal government to account on its promises to fix our broken Employment Insurance system. 

"After twenty years of Conservative and Liberal changes, our Employment Insurance program is broken and isn’t providing the help Canadians need," said NDP Employment Insurance critic Niki Ashton. "The government must act urgently to ensure benefits are there to help Canadians who have lost their job.” 

The NDP motion demands that the government create a universal threshold of 360 hours, immediately repeal the harmful Conservative reforms and put a firewall around the EI account so it is never again raided by Liberal or Conservative governments. 

"Despite mounting job losses across the country, Liberals have urgently moved to deliver tax breaks for wealthy Canadians but have failed to take urgent action to help those who are struggling," said NDP MP Karine Trudel, the mover of the motion. "The government must ensure help is getting to those who need it and take urgent action to protect the EI Account so that the premiums Canadians’ pay are never again used to boost the government’s bottom line."