NDP MARKS EARTH DAY - Let’s make Canada a leader in environmental protection

Val-d’Or – Protecting the environment has been at the heart of the political involvement of parliamentarians and activists of the New Democratic Party for a long time. We want to reiterate our uncompromising commitment to this very important issue in society. “The Earth Day is a time for us to reaffirm our belief in this direction and to propose concrete solutions for improving environmental conditions” says MP Romeo Saganash.

 In the NDP, we have proposed for a long time a range of measures to make Canada a leader in the environment, including establishing of a national transit strategy, the development of renewable energy in order to ensure energy security and long-term development and the introduction of green bonds to fund research. "For their part, the Conservatives chose to withdraw Canada from the Kyoto Protocol, which aims to limit the emission of greenhouse gas emissions and deliberately vandalize our environmental protections, such as those to our rivers and lakes" denounced Mr. Saganash.

 On Earth Day it is important to remember the NDP proposals to combat climate change, to ensure that Canada meets its long-term targets for reducing air pollution and finds its place among the signatories of the Kyoto Protocol countries. These initiatives fit perfectly with the theme of this year's health and the environment.

"Together, let’s roll up our sleeves to protect our planet," concluded Romeo Saganash.