Three MPs will travel across country to reach out to Canadian Seniors

OTTAWA –Today New Democrat MP announced that they will be fanning out across the country to consult Canadians about changes to the Old Age Security (OAS) program planned by the Conservatives.  The MPs will promote practical options the NDP has to address the changes that are happening as our population ages while still ensuring retirement security for all Canadians.

Irene Mathyssen, Critic for Seniors, Lysane Blanchette-Lamothe, Deputy Critic for Seniors, and Wayne Marston, Pension Critic, want to hear what Canadians, young and old, think of the government’s intention to back down on support to our poorest citizens. 

“Changes to the OAS will have the biggest impact on the poor and in particular older women.   It is those with the least who are expected to take the brunt of any cuts,” said Mathyssen. “This government should be ashamed to ask the poorest seniors to take on these cuts.  We should be taking practical, affordable measures to lift every senior out of poverty, not make it worse by slashing Old Age Security.”

 Blanchette-Lamothe pointed out that the Conservatives’ suggested changes to the OAS are burdening future generations, making them bear the weight of their fight against the deficit. “What will young workers have to look forward to when they retire? Pitting seniors against future seniors is unfair and unjust,” she said.

 Marston argued that “Canadians need to know that the OAS system is easily sustainable and, in the long run, is actually projected to decrease in cost relative to the size of the economy. The Parliamentary Budget office supports this claim. In fact, the only crisis here is the one manufactured by this government—it’s claiming that OAS isn’t sustainable so that it can gut a program it doesn’t like.”

This consultation will provide the New Democratic Party with arguments gathered at the source in order to oppose any misguided reform to pensions.


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