The state of municipal infrastructure in Canada requires an immediate and predictable investment plan

Val-d’Or — NDP MPs are calling for federal investment in infrastructure. The NDP supports the efforts of elected municipal officials to get the Conservatives moving on this issue. They have been sitting back and doing nothing for too long: by 2014, nearly half of federal funding agreements in this domain will expire.

The Conservatives still have no vision for community growth. Their most recent budget did not include enough funding for infrastructure projects. Cash-strapped towns will soon be unable to respond to their growing infrastructure needs.

The NDP team intends to keep a close eye on the Conservatives in the coming months to ensure that they respond appropriately to the legitimate demands from Canadian communities about the state of their infrastructure.

An NDP motion on investment in infrastructure will be put to a vote today in the House of Commons. The motion seeks to encourage the government to index the Gas Tax Fund and increase the transfer of gas tax money by one cent.