Missing and murdered Aboriginal women: The NDP forces debate in Parliament


September 19, 2014




OTTAWA — New Democrat MPs took advantage of their majority in Parliament Friday to take control of the agenda and force a debate on missing and murdered Aboriginal women.


“This subject is extremely important for us, so it’s imperative that we talk about it as much as possible,” explained Romeo Saganash (Abitibi—Baie-James—Nunavik—Eeyou). “That’s why we seized the opportunity to bring this subject back to the fore and to encourage Conservatives once more to do what’s right -- a public inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women.”


In order to take control of the House of Commons, NDP MPs took advantage of the fact that Conservative MPs are often absent on Fridays. The New Democrats showed up in great numbers -- so much so that they outnumbered the members from the majority government. “We took control of the agenda and forced a debate on an issue that is very close to my heart and one that Conservatives don’t want to talk about,” further explained Saganash. “In the history of the Canadian Parliament, very rarely has a majority government lost control of the House of Commons like it did today.”



“There are systemic causes for violence against Indigenous women and girls in this country and we need to address them,” said Saganash during the debate. “Consequently, the structures and attitudes that allow this violence to continue need to be examined, exposed and addressed. And the only way to do that on a national level is by putting in place a national inquiry.”


The NDP has proven once again today that it is the strongest and most organized opposition Stephen Harper has ever faced. As Official Opposition, the NDP is the party best positioned to defeat and replace Stephen Harper in 2015. Quebecers and Canadians can count on the NDP to clean up Ottawa.


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