The NDP Critic for Public Services, MP Erin Weir (Regina – Lewvan), is accusing the Minister of Public Services of not taking responsibility for errors plaguing the government’s new pay system known as Phoenix and failing to offer a timeline for when employees will be paid properly.

“While we appreciate briefings from your Deputy Minister, we need you to clarify when your government will fully resolve all outstanding cases of missing or incorrect payment,” Weir wrote in a letter to Minister Judy Foote, “It’s unacceptable for the Minister responsible for the federal payroll system to hide behind departmental officials.”

Since the rollout of the Phoenix pay system for all federal public employees, there have been hundreds of employees receiving no pay at all and thousands of others receiving incorrect payments. The timelines offered by departmental staff to correct these problems have not been met.

In his letter, Weir also asked the Minister why she authorized the full implementation of the new pay system after problems had been identified.

“Payment glitches occurred in the roll out of Phase 1, yet it seems that the decision was made to continue onto the roll out of Phase 2 without resolving those errors,” Weir wrote. “Why did you not halt the implementation of this system until all errors were addressed?”