CLIMATE CHANGE: NDP SLAMS LIBERAL AND CONSERVATIVE INACTION - Trudeau’s and Harper’s troops vote against NDP motion on climate change

Val-d’Or - When it comes to taking concrete action to fight climate change, the Conservatives and Liberals are shirking their responsibilities, said New Democrat MP Romeo Saganash.

Both Stephen Harper’s and Justin Trudeau’s troops voted against an NDP motion to recognize the need to act quickly to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to their impacts.

“It’s disheartening to see the old parties continue to ignore the warnings of the international scientific community,” said MP Saganash. “Only the NDP understands the urgency of the situation and need for action.”

New Democrats are concerned that the Conservatives and Liberals refused to recognize that a two degree rise in global temperature will have serious repercussions. The lack of concrete measures in the fight against climate change from successive Conservative and Liberal governments is irresponsible.

According to the UN, the situation is alarming because the concentration of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere will exceed the critical threshold in May.  This situation pushes us towards irreversible climate change, but the Conservatives and Liberals prefer to sit back and doing nothing.