Christine Moore and Romeo Saganash wants answers from the Conservative government

October 1st, 2014


OTTAWA – Because politicians are supposed to be accountable to the
people rather than feed their cynicism towards politics, the NDP has
tabled a motion that would force ministers to answer questions from
opposition MPs in a clear and precise manner, which would help make
Parliament a little more civil.

“With Conservatives doing anything and everything to avoid answering
questions, debates in the House of Commons have become a real farce,”
said MP Chistine Moore. “The people of Abitibi-James-Bay-Nunavik-
Eeyou and the people of Abitibi-Témiscamingue watch question period
and expect the government to give answers -- not duck questions.
Instead, Conservatives give them ridiculous antics and personal attacks.
It’s disheartening”, said MP Romeo Saganash

The Speaker of the House of Commons recently declared that he needed
help in order to improve the tone during question period. The NPD
therefore tabled a motion to force ministers to answer in a concrete
manner questions put to them and to force the government to be
accountable to Canadians.

“Since the Conservatives have come to power, a certain arrogance has
permeated throughout Parliament -- and it has no place in our institution.
Unfortunately, Stephen Harper’s troops have no desire to change things
and they have voted against our motion. They’re not just saying no to the
Official Opposition by rejecting this simple proposition -- they’re thumbing
their noses at Canadians everywhere,” added MP Christine Moore and
Romeo Saganash.

Ottawa is broken and New Democrats are ready to sort things out -- one
step at a time -- to improve cynicism towards politics. Canadians deserve

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